A Youth "Construction Site" project

The PROUT RESEARCH INSTITUTE participates in this project with the action “THE GARDEN IN THE LIVING ROOM”. The project is funded by the Emilia Romagna Region and 4 volunteer associations participate.


Children and young people aged 11 to 18 (25) years, with and without disabilities
Parents of boys

Salsomaggiore Middle School

IRP-Prout Research Institute – APS


  • Working together: kids, parents, teachers. For the cohesion and positive solidarity between them, make the kids feel “considered” and safe.
  • Youth protagonism (show and exhibitions in the squares, the boys organize, they feel involved)
  • Encourage creativity, teamwork, feeling “at the center”, masters of one’s destiny
  • Sensitizing the new generations to take care of their future: of others, of the natural environment, of the plant and animal world, developing a sense of respect for everything and everyone, feeling part of a whole (Idea of ​​Neo-Humanism), building a new company model.


Organization of the “Garden in the living room” project

  • The target are children of two middle school classes, up to 11-12 years, 40 participants expected.
  • It will take place in 4 two-hour meetings each at school during class hours, in autumn 2019 and spring 2020, under the guidance of an alternative horticulture expert.
  • Another 3 three-hour workshops will take place at the IRP headquarters, by the volunteers of the IRP, outside school hours or on time.



  • Horticulture course
  • Planting and sowing
  • Gardens for balconies and living rooms
  • Hydroponic crops
  • Kitchen waste


Climate change

  • The earthly atmosphere
  • The climate: temperature, precipitation, winds, pressure, solar radiation
  • What affects the climate
  • History of the climate, data


How to deal with changes

  • Alternative cultivation methods
  • Hydroponic crops
  • Upside down crops


Grow in soil clippings

  • In balconies and terraces
  • In living room and residential spaces
  • Water-saving irrigation


How to adapt to changes

  • Water conservation
  • Saving water
  • Recycling and reuse of water
  • Kitchen waste recycling
  • Biodiversity. Seeds collection


Practical activities

  • Construction of a geodesic dome greenhouse
  • Sow in a seedbed
  • Greenhouse and earth transplantation
  • Air and water physics experiments
  • Construction of small home-grown devices


For each class, two outings, including a full day at the IRP headquarters

Materials produced

  • Children’s drawings
  • Small paperback made by the boys
  • Power Point presentation
  • Photos, etc.