Richard Gauthier
Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa, California
Article · July 2016

In “Microvita and Cosmology” P. R. Sarkar proposed that matter is the container of energy and not energy itself. The present author proposes that the material containers of energy are composed of microvita—sub-atomic living entities proposed by Sarkar that give form to energy and create matter and minds. These hypotheses may shed new light on the relationship of matter to energy, and may lead to the discovery of a new formative force of nature—microvita.

Key words: cosmology, energy, matter, form, life, mind, consciousness, microvita


Eastern introversial philosophy has traditionally focused on the experiential understanding of mind and consciousness. Western extroversial science has focused on the observational and experimental understanding of matter and energy and their various expressions. Now there is a new hypothesis about matter and energy that may bring together Eastern philosophy and Western science.

In 1986, P. R. Sarkar (1) first introduced the concept of microvita – subtle sub-atomic living entities responsible for originating and spreading life in the universe and maintaining balance in different areas of life. Readers may learn more about microvita from references (1-4). As well as describing microvita, Sarkar introduced what he called “a new line of thinking—a new philosophical approach” which integrates relations between the formative principles of matter and energy. He summarized this new approach in a discourse “Microvita and Cosmology”, which is included at the end of this article.

Matter is the Container of Energy, not Energy Itself

This “new line of thinking”, though focused on general hierarchial relationships between matter and energy, touches all areas of science and life. Below, two passages from “Microvita and Cosmology” specifically relate matter to the formation and containment of energy, and will be briefly explored here. By looking at the relationships between matter and energy in the light of Sarkar’s “new line of thinking”, new scientific understandings about the nature of matter and energy, as well as the evolution of life and minds, may emerge.

  1. “By splitting up the atom immense energy is released. This is due to the fact that the energy which is packaged up in matter comes out. To claim that energy is obtained due to the destruction of matter is theoretical and not physically proven.
    In fact, the energy comes out from within the store of the atom. Energy always requires a material shelter – a container. After the destruction of the container, the immense released energy moves very fast with tremendous speed in all
    directions in search of some or other material shelter. Finally, it finds a way in some country, in some human physical body, in structures and other material objects scattered around, or in the ocean, etc.”
  2. Microvita are the “Doing principle or supra-mundane seed of the actional principle, ready for being sprouted. Microvita (are) of different characters, either of positive or negative nature, collectively maintaining the balance of the actional universe, creating initial forms of carbon atoms that help macro- and micro-propensities in having their pure physical auxiliary media with mass and wonts.”
    In the first passage, which does not directly mention microvita, Sarkar proposes that matter is a container for energy, and not energy itself. Energy is “packaged-up” in matter. Matter is not converted into energy in atomic explosions, but can release its contained energy through the destruction of its material container. In the second passage Sarkar proposes that microvita create the “initial forms of carbon atoms”, and provide atoms with their masses and other characteristics (“wonts”).

Based on these two passages, I propose that microvita compose the material containers of energy called matter. The amount and nature of the energy stored in different elementary particles and atoms is determined by the nature of their microvita-composed containers. These microvita-composed containers store energy to form atoms and subatomic
particles with their various properties. It is the microvita-composed containers and not the energy contained that gives the elementary particles and atoms their properties such as mass and shape.

The Physical Force That Contains an Electron’s Energy