Richard Gautier: Teoria dell’Evoluzione – Oltre Darwin


rgautierThe Microvita Revolution

di Richard Gauthier
– Microvita and the Origin of Species
– Towards a new Science of Matter, Life and Mind


Il libro non è stato ancora tradotto in italiano, ma vi diamo comunque un’idea del contenuto.
La nuova Teoria dell’EVOLUZIONE della SPECIE di Sarkar, si oppone alla visione di Charles Darwin, e indica che un gruppo di esseri viventi può metamorfizzare la propria struttura fisica, per apportare i desiderati cambiamenti nei propri desideri istintivi, verso oggetti materiali.
Non atttraverso una mutazione puntiforme casuale, come ipotizzato nel dopo Darwin.


Microvita and the Origin of Species

Part 1
by Richard Gautier


In the May 30th Renaissance Universal presidential address at the Dharma Maha Cakra in Ananda Nagar, District Purulia, West Bengal, Shrii P. R. Sarkar presented some revolutionary ideas on the origin of species.

The ideas pose a direct challenge to the theory of the origin of species originated by Charles Darwin as accepted almost universally by biologists. If proven correct, Shrii Sarkar’s ideas will have a profound effect not only on our understanding of the origin of species but on the origin of life itself.
There are practical implications, as well, for genetic engineers already creating new forms of life to alleviate medical, agricultural and environmental problems facing humanity.

The discourse is entitled “Four Dimensions of Micro-psychic Longings“, in it, Shrii Sarkar indicates that a group of living beings may metamorphose their physical structures to bring a desired change in their instinctive, or psycho-physical longings, for physical objects.
What this means is that a species of animals or plants, as well as human beings, may transform
itself into another genetic variation or even a different species
if the group collectively doesn’t like the way its present instinctive longings are expressed.
Shrii Sarkar indicates that this change is initiated by the collective self-controlling faculties of the species.

The discourse does not describe precisely how such a self induced metamorphosis takes place. But even in a general way, this new explanation for the origin of species clearly opposes the explanation offered by Darwin’s evolutionary theory. According to that theory, species evolve due to competitive advantage gained from many small, essentially random modifications in their individual structures due to genetic mutations over very long periods of time.

In this article I will outline a more specific theory of the origin of species that integrates the ideas expressed by Shrii Sarkar above, with other ideas he expressed recently on the subject of “microvita” in his previous Renaissance Universal discourse “Microvitum – The Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor” and a subsequent lecture, “Neo-Ethics of Multilateral Salvation”.

Microvita, according to Shrii Sarkar, are tiny, subtle forms of living creatures currently unknown to science. They are, he says, the root cause of life, as opposed to carbon atoms. Billions of microvita (plural of microvitum) can solidify to form a single carbon atom. Yet certain collective structures of microvita provide the psychological cause for negative social phenomena such as imperialism. A microvitum is a truly an amazing creature. Continua

From: Microvita Research Center